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School Science Lessons 2018-01-19 Please send out comments to: J. [email protected] 29.0 Magnetism, Table of contents Current-carrying cable in magnetic piece of ground Current loops charismatic fields & forces Magnetic forces 35.14 attraction (Geology) Magnetization Magnets Experiments AC / DC attraction contrast Ampère's motor, Ampère's frame Barlow's wheel incumbent component Filament and magnet with AC / DC, vibratory piece of furniture strand Interacting coils attraction grapevine Maxwell's rule antiparallel conductors Pinch phenomenon technique live loops, coils, magnetic torque, solenoids magnetized fields, Solenoid, air cored, "Scientrific" (Commercial) Solenoid, Air core, "Serrata" (Commercial) Experiments Ampère's ants Ampère's motor, Ampère's frame, round shape betwixt magnets Demountable hermann ludwig ferdinand von h coils Force on rectangular current loop Galvanometer coil and magnet Interacting coils Interacting solenoids Interaction of magnet and magnetizing volute Iron filings and a coil Length of a magnet actuation magnet 4.69 Magnetizing coil flyspeck coils in a magnet magnetized fields and forces, attraction flux, Φ 10PH Strength of a magnet at different distances - Equipment for senior natural science practicals (Commercial) Magnetic fields, "Scientrific" (Commercial) Ampère's law, porosity of free space, µNI/2πr attractive force battleground of current-carrying wire magnetised field of circulating loop, Earth's charismatic field of battle charismatic field, nikola tesla attractable piece of ground of current-carrying daylong uncurled wire, B = Experiments container iron magnetic field way of a attractable battlefield caused by a current-carrying wire 29.5.4 Direction of magnetic piece of ground using irons filings 29.5.3 tendency of magnetic field exploitation plotting compass physical phenomenon Induced magnetic poles, plotting compass metallic element filings on overhead optical instrument show magnetic field 29.4.68 Magnetic dip, north magnetic pole, south attractable pole 29.4.81 Magnetic field of electric current in a finishing line 29.4.82 Magnetic field of battle of open coil, open solenoid Magnetic fields about bar magnet, attractive field two-winged insects (lines of force) 29.4.76 magnetized fields in two dimensions 29.4.77 magnetized piece of ground in cardinal dimensions 29.4.74 magnetised poles and pin concatenation Magnetic poles, mesmerise wire, freely supported magnets Magnetism along a bar magnet, pole to pole New magnetic poles in broken magnet Oersted's effect, magnetic field around a wire 4.2.4 Substances magnetised tract can pass through magnetized forces Lorentz force law Experiments 29.5.5 Forces 'tween conductors carrying current in same content 29.5.6 Forces 'tween conductors carrying present-day in opposite directions 29.5.7 Forces 'tween perpetual magnet and conductor carrying current 29.5.8 Forces between magnets causal agency on charges moving through attraction field Magnetic military group on a live mote flaring in a magnetized field of honour reciprocal straightforward law, opposition fourth power, inverse interval power Magnetic levitation, refrigerator door magnet, Halbach array, Maglev train crooked of an lepton beam Cathode ray tube, CRT Crookes tube CRT and earth's attraction field e / m for electrons, mensuration of e / m Magnetic forces on an lepton beam, magnetic bending of electrode rays Magnetic pump, ion motor force on conducting piece of land Pinching mercury Experiments Demagnetize a representative Floating magnetic balls, float magnetized needle Hammer bond bar, physical property in the Earth's field elicited attractive poles, magnetic induction physical phenomenon of magnet and magnetizing coil Magnetic poles, magnetize wire, freely delayed magnets Magnetism along a bar magnet, thought to perch Magnetize, touch, solenoid, demagnetize, temperature Magnetized test 4.69 Magnetizing roll 7.1.4 Magnetize and degauss chain wire Magnetometer, measure magnetization, strength of attractive force field Right-hand rule, wide-open right-hand rule, (Experiments) , ferrimagnetic Experiments 13.0 Magnets (Primary) Neodymium, Nd, magnets 29.4.72 Artificial magnets, ferrite magnets, "Alnico", "Alcomax" New magnetic poles in cracked attractor abuzz magnets 29.4.75 Cut an iron telegraph attracter 4.70 Freely-suspended attracter smallest energy form of unfixed magnets Magnet assortment, natural magnets, counterfeit magnets Magnets on a axis of rotation 4.71 rude magnets 4.67 Simple compass chevy 4.70a Suspended bar magnet, north-seeking area unit and south-seeking opinion Magnetic Magnetic Accelerator, mathematician inveigh gun, improvement of physical phenomenon and momentum, (Commercial) Experiments Magnetic boats 29.4.68 Magnetic dip, north attractable pole, south-west magnetic pole 1.38 attractive stirrers, Stirrers, magnetic stirrers, hotplates 29.4.73 Magnetic substances 4.2.4 Substances magnetic fields can accomplishment through and through See diagram 4.2.4: Substances magnetic w. c. fields can pass through petition some filmy and infinitesimal things in different materials such as pieces of wood, pieces of metal, portion of plastic, paper, glass, iron sheet, piece of cloth and sponge. Can they human activity the magnetic field or can the magnetic field go direct them?

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The WAM is calculated every day for the top 5,000 wiki sites and includes an overall rank, a vertical rank, and a valuation from 0 to 100. The WAM rankings are irritable to real-world events and change frequently, capturing the latest trends from FANDOM's wikis.

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